corrections and clarifications no. 1

15 may 2k13 … i want to make a clarification because some people can misconstrue what has been spoken even when spoken in the most clearest way possible by the speaker.  i made a reference that i take out my anger in my car right in front of my local police chief.  fuckin’ blond moments.  i was referring to, OF COURSE, the nu fucking bumper sticker that my now ex-husband put on the xB.  i need to remove it, OF COURSE, and maybe I will because its says, something to the effect, “leave her alone, she’s a bitch” … well, really it says “Crabby” and so, its cute and an inside joke between intimates.

BUT, the truth is, when I am ranting or crying or singing Rob Zombie at the top of my lungs or sound intentioning or giving a lecture to someone, even if its just to myself, i am NOT CRABBY!  I am ANGRY.  The kind of anger that comes from a little child who doesn’t understand.

AND … I used the word “Comrade” to insinuate not anything about MY political beliefs (because everyone KNOWS how against the Common Core Curriculum I AM) BUT, instead, I was referring to my 99% friends in DHS who need some help to try to save their water from being contaminated with the toxic waters of the COLORADO RIVER PROJECT.


NOW … PULLLEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE … if someone, anyone beyond my understanding KNOWS of any GOOD REASON WHY WE NEED THIS SENTINEL NATURAL GAS PLANT TO GO ON LINE EXCEPT TO CONTAMINATE AND POISON **29** OUR SHARED AIR …. please let me know.  I can conceive of a reality where we need to steam that water into the sky to save our planet too, but we just need to KNOW that this is how we like combat chemtrails maybe?  i dunno maybe there is a good reason.  but from this Earth Girl’s point of view everything we know says its NOT GOOD and we should STOP SENTINEL … retrofit it or something.  SAVE THE PURE WATERS!  that’s what makes the most sense to me.



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