random be random

and then maybe love can find a space

in its efficiency to bring it all together according to the perfect flow

of a moment that makes no sense whatsoever

but if you don’t know all the rules how

do you think that you could

possibly play this game

so don’t try so

hard to be





urbeautiful . . . really beautiful just the way u r … sometimes, you have to believe what the song says in connection to your reality as opposed to urReality.  What it means in the context of MY reality is only for me to know and for you to find out … guessing games.



3 thoughts on “#shuffleURipod

  1. #iPod420 #velvetbabies #itunes #nothing #cdbaby #danceerotica #”don’t believe in anything or anyone” … virtual reality is not real reality. make it real or quit being a voyeur.

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