so, our government is stealing the bees.
so, our Senate empowers a monopoly
so, our people rise up
so, we shout out
on this day, it is said, that the buddha received his enlightenment
perhaps on this day we will enlighten the planet to the need to STOP MONSANTO
and empower our government to rescind its permission to use “The Suicide Gene”
i mean, MAYBE, he was wrong, Albert Einstein, that is.
it happens, smart people being wrong.  maybe he did not know that we could use drone bees to do what natural bees do, but, to be honest, i simply do not agree.  why do they need to kill the bees to grow their crops?
So, will someone, other than those who have an invested interest in the monopoly of monsanto, please tell me how we human beings are to survive this if we DO NOT STOP monsanto today?  this day.  25 May … the day of enlightenment.
** pix 2 be posted =)


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