everything will kill you if you let it

“Free the Weed” is a calling of many today.  I just want to know under what auspicious planetary configuration any of this makes sense in our reality.  #fukushima is in the middle of melting down, they are going to like take the core out of #reactor4 and who the FUK knows what will happen if … i dunno, someone sneezes at the wrong time?!!!!!!!!!  

why would anyone just continue life as usual under these circumstances?!  

anyway . . . i’m not.  because the real truth is, life is never certain.

what we think is criminal just is not and what is criminal is no longer considered to be a big problem in this reality.  really.  not even a text?!

#planetearthisfuqd … unless we get our shit together and do some personal regenerating together.  #makelovenotwar


RT: Veterans storm WW II DC memorial amid govt shutdown

I hope they continue to work on their government with all us who are focused on fixing what is wrong with our “we the people” . . . I do hope that those in Washington lose their prefab scripts and go outside, with NO CONCEPT of what to do next and listen to the people and then begin to bring new ideas back into the chambers and decide, you know what, this is historic — we can just *poof* decide, #congressionalbenefits4thevets. That is a start. And if you start there, the manifestation of pure apples to apples equality, then we can work to extend that equality to all citizens and to all people and to all beings. But we have to start somewhere.

Similar adjustments can be made with #fullnuclearwasteconfidence and #restoreConstitutionalAuthority.

The truth is, we can do this now. The choice . . . the present . . . the future . . . “unwritten” #natashabenefield comes 2 mind. =)