everything will kill you if you let it

“Free the Weed” is a calling of many today.  I just want to know under what auspicious planetary configuration any of this makes sense in our reality.  #fukushima is in the middle of melting down, they are going to like take the core out of #reactor4 and who the FUK knows what will happen if … i dunno, someone sneezes at the wrong time?!!!!!!!!!  

why would anyone just continue life as usual under these circumstances?!  

anyway . . . i’m not.  because the real truth is, life is never certain.

what we think is criminal just is not and what is criminal is no longer considered to be a big problem in this reality.  really.  not even a text?!

#planetearthisfuqd … unless we get our shit together and do some personal regenerating together.  #makelovenotwar



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