A personal account of the colonial U.S. prison system

Moorbey'z Blog

Kwame Agomou
Published Mar  3, 2014
Foreword: The following is an account of the actual conditions in today’s U.S. prison system, written by Comrade Kwame Agomou of the International Peoples’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. It was written during his recent unjust incarceration for defending himself against the violence of a white nationalist vigilante who attacked him.
Kwame, a longtime fighter for African Liberation, gives a stirring and disturbing account of the actual conditions that Africans, Raza, and other oppressed and working class people encounter when confronted by colonial “justice.” More important, he gives a solution—organization and struggle for liberation.

This writing is an overview of the conditions that exist in the colonial U.S. prison system and just one of its many components—jail.
What we have to understand and come to terms with is that these conditions, this manifestation of a parasitic system will not change as long as our community…

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