The truth is …..

playing a role in the illusory world does not a reality make.

however, sometimes playing a role in someone else’s reality helps make the illusory world reveal itself in the most dramatic of ways.


the need to “run a script” in a position like the president of the united states makes no sense anymore, and simply needs to stop.  at some point, there must be the position of truth that is held in order to maintain a tolerance of normalcy that isn’t beholden to the illusory world created to incorporate the mindsets of so many divergent groups.  the corruption or the usurption of the truth … like there’s a nuclear plant melting down and that poses the greatest threat to our human survival in this moment … does not serve anyone well at this point of our civilization.

the situation in the Ukraine is being fueled by world leaders steeped in a script that exists in their own egos and heads and they are using the nation-states and their people as their own personal play toys, like one would play a video game.

when reality is this greatly impacted by the games the leaders are playing on levels so disconnected from the general public, it becomes imperative relinquish the script we require our leaders to play for the benefit of the few individuals banking on the script to maintain their existence as the script writers.



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