So Facebook Goes Down

This is the posting I was going to post to my fB Page, and poof … and …. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fB is down?!  what happened?  what did I do?  of course it can’t be me, but you know!!!!  

 “What’s on my mind?”  I’m just so grateful to get tools to help with our struggle to keep the internet free and lovely and amazing and fun!  so, I’m not sure how to use the suggested tool yet, and on mobile, especially, with this page because I can only usually share to my personal profile, but I will definitely TRY to use the suggested tool or some other form of it to make the internet free for me and everyone “into infinity and beyond” (who said that originally?)  Thanks Matthew Ingram @Gigaom @Om Malik for helping us #KeepTheInternetFree #NetNeutrality 

I do hope all is well with everyone!  #SomeTechPeopleAreRunningAroundLikeCrazyRightNow!  #HearingTheScreamsFromKTonyKismet!  #OMGfBisDOWN!

I mean, I guess if i’m not supposed to REALLY use it the next time I try to get on it, I’ll have a link to explain everything I need to know … the internet is like that, really helpful!


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