Don’t Feed #TheStupidH8rsNoMore

So, i used to be involved in the sport that is major league baseball, it was part of my job working for a sports agent.  i used to go to more games than most people would ever know even happened on this planet … kinda like how i do the city council meetings today.  that was for a short time in my life before … well, before i learned about all kinds of things that i learned about as i became an adult, a mother ——– that mother thing.  didn’t expect that at all.

i had no idea how many stupid people made stupid decisions in the critical areas of a child’s life.  and then omg, add on top of that my Republican sense of entitlement and yeah, NOW you can see how this soccer mom ended up in jail and now living her simple life as an ex-con, a felony … i can’t even fuq’n vote so if you can, go fuq’n do it and don’t vote for #TheSupidH8rsNoMore ok … then maybe we can get our fuq’n SMART people to be able to do their magic and *poof* #RealNuclearWasteConfidence OVERFUQINNIGHT … #Fukushima, no worries, we’ve got your solution for that too, because there are so many smart people on this planet that if they ALL thought about it all at once and brought all their thoughts together, we would have a solution — or not and if that’s the case then i suppose #fuqafukushima is not going to be the death of humanity — because i do believe that if it was to be the end of our species (which maybe it is, you know the end of the homo sapien and the emergence of the homo evolvis or something like that ??? someone smart will know the truth of that better than i), homo sapiens would not be SOOOOOOOOO stupid to allow some stupid politicians and weak minded industry leaders to destroy our planet without a fight — the fight is over, stupid people go the fuq home and stay there while all the smart people get the fuq off your ass and send the stupid one’s home until they are smart enough to play again in their positions.  The world will just take a fuqin’ STUPID HOLIDAY BREAK so that all the stupid people can WAKE THE FUQ up and restore order to the universe so I can watch the fuqin’ world series and enjoy the fuqin gameS.  PLURAL.  I want to be able to just fuqin’ enjoy the World Series and not worroy about stupid cops in Ferguson or LA or Chicago or Peoria or wherever just shooting people, i don’t want PetCo to hate on pit bulls (WTF?!), I don’t want stupid people to blow themselves up with their garden hose becuase there’s so much fuqin fracking going on, i don’t want #nuclearizedwater to make #AlaskasAcidOceans WORSE, i don’t want Shell fuqin’ up the Arctic, I thought they abandoned it, but maybe now that all the fuqin’ ICE IS MELTING … sigh, crying.  good night.