Google Wallet Cha Cha Cha

so, Google Wallet is a currency product, which is different from both a debit card and a credit card.  since everything is electronic, traceable and fundamentally uncontrollable by anyone EXCEPT Google, it should be one of the most secure ways to manage cash flow for any household.  provided Google is trustworthy and has security systems in place to protect its system, then the household and the purpose for its using Google Wallet as its operating currency product is safe and secure. however, If they don’t pay attention to the right things, how secure is anything really?

What was a $3.00 charge, most likely a late-coming charge from a City of Los Angeles parking meter, and then probably just a simple decision by someone not paying close enough attention to the simplest parts of their everyday job, has turned into this … where we are now.  i need to name this saga, hmmmm, i’ll wait to see how it finally resolves:  #GoogleWalletFail or #GoogleWalletKicksAss ? ! ?! !  I’d like to see #GoogleWalletSecuredMindsets and how that changed how we work together to manage all the wealth we have, not just the currency that happens to me in our wallet at the moment.

Be Persistent and Consistent.


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