What Is In A Name

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

but a story? Right?

I live in a world of random, we all do really, yet some find an order in that random and stick with it, making it not so random after a while; it is routined into normalacy, structure, predictable and not random at all. Yet the truth is, everything that is, once was not.

This blog was a response to a blog i really liked that was randomly (alogrythmically?) suggested by WordPress. 2012:This Is The Real Truth.  OK it may be 2013, yet i think it’s 2012. I did 2014 in response, then because, of course, linear time changes, 2015. Right.  Ok. So. (and don’t you HATE that voicing so popular now?)

It was the truth. According to the other side, yet it too lacked as much neutral real truth both sides didn’t want to acknowledge: war is a choice.

So, i jumped in and ta da.  I won’t get into the whole astrology reasons,  my #businessvoodoo blog on blogger explains that in detail over the years. 😏😚😘😍😊👽🔥💦💨💩


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