the Order of Things (or #OoT)


Sometimes when you think you know something, you find out something knew which makes everything irrelevant and stupid. And that she never new.

oh, seriously?!!! really?!

the moment of expression is often one lost in chaos of finding the common thread to all the thoughts, actions, headlines, and projected momentum from the myriad of sources that create any given “reality.”  What you read in a story is only a glimpse into the layers and divergent energies that come together to cause the “something,” the “subject” of any conversation, comment, story or article.

the internet allows us to bring as many angles of light on any given moment in our collective experience on earth, how many different views can be taken in a subject of say, Benghazi, Syria, Obamacare, etc.  Which part of history or the legislative record is the most important line to bring understanding of, or at most, usually, a projected thought to hold on, the subject.  In other words, propaganda.  Everything written or spoken on any given subject is propaganda.  Some propaganda is more biased than neutral, but can human beings truly communicate the truth through their curation of words, ideas, thoughts or images, colors, symbols, flow?

i mean, did you see that?  mid-paragraph, I just went (here mid-sentence) to my “Formal” self, the “trained” self from the Freed Writer.  The self, containing both, who the Grammar Queen of the Universe (#gqu) would banish to the dungeon for the next two hours (and, with proper company, not the worst idea (=), the Formal flips with the free poetry of non-conventionalism using grammatical structures at whim and will for reason and purpose or for no-thing at all.  And, another 2 hours more for using that “no-thing” long ago banished by #gqu at her “sophisticated” age of 7.

The projected reality syndrome is sooooo passe.  life is only in the moment.  if you are still searching, you are not in the moment.  he said, seek and you will find.  and its not just a jesus thing, but i’ll use it because i can.  but then you find.  and then, you can (a) choose to discover your finding, (b) go randomly searching again, (c) decide you want to search again and go on looking for what you think may be the truth out there … or, of course, the fourth way, (d) all of the above.

yet if you only do one or even two without the other(s), yeah, i can see how “frustration” would be an impetus to reconciling what the “essence of search” and the Truth #fukushima is an uncontained nuclear meltdown and the best we have is “should” and “could” as our “solutions.”  We try to keep pushing for this beautiful future we know we have, but we can’t really have it with #fukushima in the back of our minds.  WHICH makes it the thing we need to focus on the most.  The solution to the unknown we have which causes us fear, rather than the unknown we seek from our curiosity.  “Taking care of business,” is what they said in the old days.  Its time to make business take care of its mess and #containfukushima.  And, the leaders in EVERY industry on this planet should be focusing their entire industry to support the efforts of those in the #globalNuclearIndustry as we need to shutdown every effort that does not focus on #containfukushima and the requisite cleanup of the #nuclearizedwater to protect our oceans, waters and foods and our way of life on the California Coast.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

August DOES have 31 Days!

=) good news with an uncontained nuclear reactor meltdown and you thought that there were only thirty days yesterday.  one more day for humanity’s lightbulb to be collectively turned on and all our creative energies and thoughts go into solving what is clearly a potential to all life on earth rather than getting caught-up in our regional disputes.  our children will appreciate it.