still waiting

on google to return the money like i directed.

maybe i just need to go to the federal building down the street tomorrow and find out what to do to file a claim against them with the Federal Trade Commission, isn’t that who handles these things?  Oh, my, maybe I’ll wait until after I fix all that shit in Santa Monica.  Can you believe its been three months since I filed the claim and I’ve heard nothing.  I HATE writing letters — that’s what put me in jail the last time, and i shouldn’t have to.  my claim was simple and clear and they should just fix everything on the computer as if by magic.  “sgd,” as tony would say, “do i really have to press the keys on your keyboard for you too?!”

Walk2Know GMO information to food labels – CBS 5 – KPHO

Proposal to add GMO information to food labels – CBS 5 – KPHO interviews Walk2Know.


I met the man on #Walk2Know briefly as he came through the desert.  Taylor Lancaster with a shoe-stringed sponsorship by GMO free, Garlic Gold from Ventura, California, he is really doing the experience and talking to everyone.  What I appreciate about him,  he isn’t telling people GMOs are evil, yet asking simple questions all skeptical or curious people should ask.

We both concur we do not know enough to feel we can trust our foods to be safe and that we should have good, complete information to form and make decisions.   The use of the suicide GMOs is the most concerning as those patent processes innately change the nature of plants to not propagate and we do not know the impact that has on physical, metaphysical and energetic levels.

Support Taylor anyway you can.  Garlic Gold is helping him yet the more we have more of these personal conversations in the most remote areas, the faster the connections are made with everyone else.  Snowball the shift.  Support #Walk2Know.

Google “Wallet” (LOL!)

What happens when someone just cancels access to your money?

Happens all the time.  They tell me its for my security.
“I’m sorry” is about all you get.
As if it really matters that they are sorry.

You are right! I did get a really nice email apologizing for, yeah, fucking up my reality.

I understand Eric Schmidt and Google Wallet have a problem.  Its the same problem we all have, its the way the credit card/bank card/debit card business operates.  It is always done to the punishment of the cardholder/customer.  There is no customer service because even if the problem is completely on their end, the customer is the one that, well, how do you trust ANYONE to actually handle your digital currency/money access without fucking you over to cover their ass?  Even a “new player” like Google?  #smh

Ok, technically, I’m not fucked over (I’m smarter than that), yet, I’m just a single mom with money on my Google Wallet to pay for a car part I need and to pay for our daughter’s orthodontist visit in the morning.  I will not be using my Google Wallet to do that.  In fact, if this doesn’t get resolved without my needing a new card, I won’t ever have to be the one who first advertises Google Wallet where I spend my money like I usually am.

It is supposed to be my “wallet” — where I go to get the money I need to handle the day-to-day operations in my life as a mom.  It has been quite convenient for that, I must say, easy enough even a former husband can navigate it and feel cool about doing it.  To be honest, even though I still have my Wallet in my little purse — an alleged alternative to ordinary banking/money handling — my Wallet has been emptied out and now it has been cancelled and I don’t even know where my money is, except that Google has it somewhere, I am sure.

And, they want me to ask them to send me a new one?  Really?!

Is there any reasonable person on this planet that would trust them after this?

Yes, I filled out an email saying that a $3.00 parking meter charge in Los Angeles that was posted when I was at home over 100 miles away, likely wasn’t mine unless it was a posting of an older charge from the City of Los Angeles.  My physical card was not used on that day in Los Angeles, that much I did know, my Wallet was safe with me in Palm Springs.  My card was not compromised — the compromise was on the digital side on THE OTHER SIDE of the equation — the problem has yet to be with me or anything that I have done . . . and yet.  I have no access at all to any of the money in my Wallet once again.  (#strike2)

As far as I know, nothing regarding my Wallet card has been compromised as I have been using it in my usual fashion since making the dispute, and such was confirmed over the phone with the customer service rep (and with this manager who send me the email below), and you know what, I wonder why I bother.

I try and I try and I try to participate in this “Reality” and every time I do, its just wrong.  On so many levels, I think I can stomach the wrongness of it, the stupidity of it, the unfairness of it, the routine of “processes” of “Security” that provides anything but, the skewed playing fields defined in that “life” we are supposed to participate on planet earth today circa 2015 in the United States of America, and it just doesn’t work.  Not on any level.  And, just when I think it is going to work, they cancel me out of my only connection on the most mundane level.  What does that mean?

What’s sad?  The truth is PROBABLY something even more stupid, like Google Wallet’s “recovery team” didn’t even bother to really investigate the claim and what I stated happened, and they just refunded the $3.00 and cancelled my Wallet because that was “the process” and cheaper than discovering that perhaps the mischarge was just a old charge just now posting because the City of Los Angeles can be like that.  Whatever, it was clearly something that has nothing to do with me except I noticed it — no need to cancel my actual physical card and the access to my wallet (my operating account for everyday reality). And everything else, including the cancellation of access to my money and fucking up of my life, was done out of a lazy routine designed to protect someone other than me.  Sigh, more of the same.  No need to bother with that.

P.S.  Always, when dealing with stuff like this, make at least two calls on it, even though they will read what you went through before, sometimes in the discussing of the problem, a new person can give a new idea to find a different avenue to resolve the problem when a Subcontractor’s Policies are contracted to be maintained as an expected condition in their performance as an outsourced service to the company I trust with my money.  (Another place where the communication bridge is missing in modern customer service.)

I don’t know, maybe I AM the only one that thinks this is something that doesn’t work.

Hi, Customer.

Good day! How are you?

My name is Mark, one of the supervisors for the Google Wallet Team. Your concern about your cancelled wallet card was endorsed to me for further assistance. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. I’ve took the liberty of reviewing your case and here’s what I found out. The reason why your Google wallet card has cancelled because you have filled an unauthorized dispute form. And for your account security, they need cancel your Google wallet card, to avoid any unauthorized charges.

Now Customer, I would like to explain further what the proper course to take in order for us to resolve the issue. Since that Google wallet card can’t be reactivated, we need to order a new one.

You can request your Google Wallet Card either at or in your Google Wallet app.

In the app, touch the top left menu icon > Settings > Order Google Wallet Card.

At, click Google Card and app in the sidebar and then the Get Your Card button.

Either way, Google Wallet will ask you to confirm your shipping address. Then select Send it to me. Google will ship your card within 10 business days! I understand that you want to get that Google wallet card soon, but we are only using standard shipping as of the moment.

(If you’d like more information about the Google Wallet Balance, please see this article on our Help Center.)

I hope that I was able to clear things out. Should there be further clarification, please feel free to reply to this email. I’ll be more than glad to assist.

Thank you again for the patience and cooperation!

If you have any more questions, please reply to this email. I’m happy to help!


The Google Wallet Team

Don’t Feed #TheStupidH8rsNoMore

So, i used to be involved in the sport that is major league baseball, it was part of my job working for a sports agent.  i used to go to more games than most people would ever know even happened on this planet … kinda like how i do the city council meetings today.  that was for a short time in my life before … well, before i learned about all kinds of things that i learned about as i became an adult, a mother ——– that mother thing.  didn’t expect that at all.

i had no idea how many stupid people made stupid decisions in the critical areas of a child’s life.  and then omg, add on top of that my Republican sense of entitlement and yeah, NOW you can see how this soccer mom ended up in jail and now living her simple life as an ex-con, a felony … i can’t even fuq’n vote so if you can, go fuq’n do it and don’t vote for #TheSupidH8rsNoMore ok … then maybe we can get our fuq’n SMART people to be able to do their magic and *poof* #RealNuclearWasteConfidence OVERFUQINNIGHT … #Fukushima, no worries, we’ve got your solution for that too, because there are so many smart people on this planet that if they ALL thought about it all at once and brought all their thoughts together, we would have a solution — or not and if that’s the case then i suppose #fuqafukushima is not going to be the death of humanity — because i do believe that if it was to be the end of our species (which maybe it is, you know the end of the homo sapien and the emergence of the homo evolvis or something like that ??? someone smart will know the truth of that better than i), homo sapiens would not be SOOOOOOOOO stupid to allow some stupid politicians and weak minded industry leaders to destroy our planet without a fight — the fight is over, stupid people go the fuq home and stay there while all the smart people get the fuq off your ass and send the stupid one’s home until they are smart enough to play again in their positions.  The world will just take a fuqin’ STUPID HOLIDAY BREAK so that all the stupid people can WAKE THE FUQ up and restore order to the universe so I can watch the fuqin’ world series and enjoy the fuqin gameS.  PLURAL.  I want to be able to just fuqin’ enjoy the World Series and not worroy about stupid cops in Ferguson or LA or Chicago or Peoria or wherever just shooting people, i don’t want PetCo to hate on pit bulls (WTF?!), I don’t want stupid people to blow themselves up with their garden hose becuase there’s so much fuqin fracking going on, i don’t want #nuclearizedwater to make #AlaskasAcidOceans WORSE, i don’t want Shell fuqin’ up the Arctic, I thought they abandoned it, but maybe now that all the fuqin’ ICE IS MELTING … sigh, crying.  good night.