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Black Lives Really Matter

This mother’s day weekend!

Nationwide actions with demands from all of us thanks to Black Lives Matter and Mothers For Justice who delivered to the Department of Justice, who received the People’s Grievances on a Saturday!!

Tomorrow. Million Moms March on Riverside. noon. Meet at the Library. #RememberTaishaMiller #OscarMorejon #BrendonGlenn #BlackLivesReallyMatter #occupyDID

Check out @DarakshanRaja’s Tweet:

still waiting

on google to return the money like i directed.

maybe i just need to go to the federal building down the street tomorrow and find out what to do to file a claim against them with the Federal Trade Commission, isn’t that who handles these things?  Oh, my, maybe I’ll wait until after I fix all that shit in Santa Monica.  Can you believe its been three months since I filed the claim and I’ve heard nothing.  I HATE writing letters — that’s what put me in jail the last time, and i shouldn’t have to.  my claim was simple and clear and they should just fix everything on the computer as if by magic.  “sgd,” as tony would say, “do i really have to press the keys on your keyboard for you too?!”