Walk2Know GMO information to food labels – CBS 5 – KPHO

Proposal to add GMO information to food labels – CBS 5 – KPHO interviews Walk2Know.


I met the man on #Walk2Know briefly as he came through the desert.  Taylor Lancaster with a shoe-stringed sponsorship by GMO free, Garlic Gold from Ventura, California, he is really doing the experience and talking to everyone.  What I appreciate about him,  he isn’t telling people GMOs are evil, yet asking simple questions all skeptical or curious people should ask.

We both concur we do not know enough to feel we can trust our foods to be safe and that we should have good, complete information to form and make decisions.   The use of the suicide GMOs is the most concerning as those patent processes innately change the nature of plants to not propagate and we do not know the impact that has on physical, metaphysical and energetic levels.

Support Taylor anyway you can.  Garlic Gold is helping him yet the more we have more of these personal conversations in the most remote areas, the faster the connections are made with everyone else.  Snowball the shift.  Support #Walk2Know.