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ListeningNow to dikomm & desomnia / dikommmusic / august 2016 by dikomm #np on #SoundCloud


New Relationships

New Relationships are easy to define if one chooses to do so. My “New Boyfriend” is interesting and kind of emotionally detached. He’s much older than me, over 20 years, so we have much to talk about and think about with one another. I’ve defined this New Boyfriend position to last while my daughter finishes her high school here, so we’re starting our relationship with an ending we can execute if we want at that time.

Life. It’s got its loops, dips, curves and outer cosmic forces working hard here. Be safe and kind.

Men on the internet

Men, in general, have no idea how to speak with women. A person cannot “miss” me when they do not know me, so, I wonder, what do they miss?

I share myself, my thoughts, ideas and things I choose to share, and I do not hold those things to be so extraordinary that random strange men would actually miss those things in their life, so that is why I do wonder this.